*Leave your bandage on overnight*.
Taking it off early to show it off will cause scabbing, and loss of color and shading.

After removing the bandage, with *CLEAN HANDS* wash the tattoo gently with:
soap and warm water.
Use ONLY your fingertips to rub soap onto your tattoo. (Because using a wash-cloth will not feel so good!)
Clean your tattoo this way two times a day until healed.
Pat the tattoo dry with a soft towel. DO NOT SCRUB IT DRY.
(rubbing cloth across a tattoo is not wise)

well…unless you talk to us first.
We can tell you how to protect your tattoo if you just have to get shoulder deep in funk

Between washing, use AQUAPHOR to treat your tattoo and keep it soft.
It should be applied sparingly – no more than two drops, two times a day.
Overuse of anything can always cause bad stuff to happen.
Oh yeah…did we mention clean hands? Always clean your filthy monkey paws when you are taking care of your tattoo. Small bugs kill big people all of the time.

DO NOT:  expose to sunlight and artificial UV Rays
DO NOT:  soak in water (hot tubs/ bathtubs/ pools/ saunas)
DO NOT:  shave over tattooed area until healed
DO NOT:  allow clothing to rub on, or constrict tattoo
DO NOT:  pick or scratch at any peeling or scabbing

Your new tattoo will heal somewhat like a sunburn and peeling is normal.
Healing time can vary with placement and size, but is approximately two to four weeks.

REMEMBER:  CLEAN YOUR HANDS, and if  you experience any problems while your new tattoo is healing, please contact us. We will be happy to help you any way we can and offer suggestions based upon our many years of experience in healing tattoos.

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